Americans. God save the Kingdom

Croatia is in the EU now, correct? Why not just immigrate to a wealthier country in the EU? Such as Germany or the UK? USA is kind of devoid of culture, other than NYC and a few other old cities.

Hey ya’ll Americans, what is meant by when someones calls you a “flock” ?

Actually so was I, a basement kid,. Now, I’ve always been skeptical about the U.N and the military in general. But what bad things? I mean, to make it more clearly, did the good things they did outweigh the bad things? Like… If they killed innocents on “purpose” then I’m all…you know…then they should be courted. Then I have no sympathy (for the UN/military) .
But. When you see the stuff from the Iraqi-■■■■, it’s like, they (=allied military/american/eu) don’t even try to disguingish between civilian or military. And that pisses me off (so it would szun-tzu) but yeah… also just, the name, “peace-keeping” and they’re fully armed driving around ion ■■■■■■■ tanks it’s like…right, fight fire with fire? wtf?

Since the last year, yes. Huh…we’re moving all around the Europe really fast since then.
Its not so bad here in Dalmatia though.

You ask why I haven’t moved?
Im waiting for the international love affair, i guess.

UN. Secured enclave of Srebrenica, Bosnia.
They let the genocide to happen.

The rest is good as far as i know.

Nowadays the international love affair is not as expensive as it was in the beginning of the 1990s when I maintained a long distance relationship with an American women while I stayed in Europe. Still remember all those coin telephone calls from different European cities to America. Today, this type of a long distance maintenance is so much easier.

yeah… shits complicated, right? now the same thing happening in ukraine. but UN can’t intervene because of russia. Hmm. I think most ukranians would prefer UN troops to russian.

There’s lots of good dating websites for that sort of thing sarad. I hope that’s not the reason you’re on this site though, since two people with severe mental illness getting together is almost always a MASSIVE DISASTER. Anyways, good luck finding your international sugar daddy! :wink:

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■■■■ you. You a are a ■■■■■■■ bitch who should be executed by the same laws you abide to. ■■■■■■■ idiot.
Edit. This is reply to polarbear, lol

I was just kidding. Lol
or being self-ironic .

Oops…i forgot @neveragain
He would have to say something about that :smile:

■■■■ man…i thought i just went officially bitch…again.

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Yankee in the U.S.A. living in the only state in America that didn’t surrender to the North after the Civil War.

You’re originally from NYC?

Both my parents are from NY.

my “bitch” is trans-geneder easy now, lol

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I’m not sure, but I think if you want to become one it isn’t that hard. I don’t know what the naturalization process is now. There are things I like and things I don’t like about my country. We have a good standard of living here. If you land in the right spot life can be easy.

I’ve heard it’s very difficult to get a green card. It took a guy’s wife that I used to work with over a year to get a green card after they were married and she was from canada. It would take longer for someone in the balkans to get one because they have to worry about jihadists and political extremists from that region.

I’m an American. Northeast.

We have a good reputation.

Im wondering…who would like to be called an immigrant any case?
■■■■. Nothing like homeland.

A good reputation for what? Violence and drunkenness? Just Kidding! :wink: