American Thanksgiving challenge

I expect one of you to make Cherpumple Cake and post pics:

Anyone? Bueller?



I call that 4 cakes cause of the fruit cake top. Yum

I’m not gonna accept the challenge cause I’m not sure if I’ll succeed in making a pumpkin pie. Will try.

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that’s like eating turducken…you make this cake @ozymandias ?

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Not yet. The wife beast has forbidden it.

(And a new cat.)


how many cats do you have right now?

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We took Calliope in because she didn’t mix at all with other cats. We tend to adopt older kitties that have issues that make them hard to find homes for. My wife is done with cat hair. It’s becoming a marriage issue.

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I see your complicated cake and raise you homemade boogy flavored jelly beans.

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