American discovery trail

maybe i should do it. how would i get my meds? it would take months?

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That sounds pretty intense. :snail::snail::snail:

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yeah i don’t know if i could make it the whole way. i would want someone to go with me too. they say most people who start the appalachian trail decide to quit somewhere in tennessee. it goes from northern georgia to maine.

this may be more roads of some kind. i know it’s close to my hometown but im not sure where it is exactly. it’s not like you see a lot of hikers going through town.

i would take lots of pictures, maybe i should do it before i go back to work.


Riding a bike could make it faster. :bike::bike::bike:

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probably more socially acceptable too. just get a road bike, with saddle bags, and wear the bike shorts and bike jersey and people won’t ask questions. my fear is lots of flat tires along the way.

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Over here you can get a six month prescription if your going overseas.When I traveled to the states I had six months of meds on me.

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i would go from the atlantic coast to the pacific coast. then when i got to san francisco i would head north up the 101 to seattle washington.

maybe next april or may i will try to tackle it. i guess i will bike it to make it go faster.

once i made it the pacific i would be tempted to stay and start a new life i think. i can only afford a trailer on the west coast though, and im kinda getting tired of trailer living as it is.

When I lived in my auto in America from 2000 to 2002 I drove twice from Miami to Los Angeles and San Francisco and then back to Miami. I would not try to do that with a bicycle. I enjoyed my drives and I saw many different places. Once I woke up in my auto near Dallas TX. It took 3.5 days to drive one way from Miami to Los Angeles and then another 3.5 days to drive back to Miami.

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