When I feel ambivilant I’ll play a videogame, then I won’t make the bed or do the dishes. I’ll do some therapy but what I can do won’t change to doing well at work.
There’s a belief that the world is more chatoic. There’s a belief that people are more alienated or frustrated, naturally, than they actually are, like they stay mad about something forever. But the world isn’t always that chaotic if civilizations exist historically, and people’s family lives continue normally. There is an unusual belief that some people are always upset like Schizophrenia is some sort of sublimated lazyness. It’s difficult to sleep at night if everybody had a divorce. The world was ravaged by meteorites. There were new diseases. This belief that there is some sort of organism observing this for man, like a concious molecule, though, is a false belief. There just isn’t one shred of evidence that molecules have conciousness.

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