Ambiguous questions

I was just asked this by email and was thrown by the second part -"
what age were you when your wife died? how long were you alone" Like what do they mean how long was I alone? Alone without seeing anyone or alone living by myself? It comes over as an ambiguous question and such things throw me.

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I had an emeritus English prof who commented on my exam when I was 18yo, “Fate and freewill are not opposites.” It still teases the tissue of my poor brain. How in the world could fate and freewill coexist in the same cosmology? Wouldn’t they exclude each other? I will go to my grave wanting an explanation from the old man.

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I have a second one, this time from a history prof when I was 20yo: “A society is free only where everyone is equal.” And I think, What if some are more equal than others?

Rush: “And the trees are all kept equal / By hatchet, axe, and saw.”

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