Do you deal well with it or need things clearly and precisely explained?

According to instructions sent for my PIP assessment to I have to go to reception area and be directed to PIP assessment room. As it’s a large building I went to see for myself. There is a section marked PIP consultation centre(or similar wording) on the outside with a door and a keypad with instructions to press the grey button. I am not sure whether this is the door to the reception area and I just press the grey button or whether the reception area is elsewhere in the large building and someone has to key in a number on the outside door I mentioned to let me in.
To my mind it is all ambiguous and I don’t deal well with ambiguity.
I can see me failing PIP because of this without an appointment because things weren’t clearly and precisely explained.

I am so anxious and stressed.

Do a dry run. Turn up the day before and find the correct area. Just say you’re confirming where you need to be.

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I found the area marked PIP consultation centre I am just not sure whether reception is in another part of the large building. Common sense tells me that the reception area for the PIP consultation centre should be in the area marked PIP consultation centre and not in a separate part of the building but maybe not. The larger part of the building is a university accommodation centre.

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firemonkey you will be fine…trust me.
if you get lost just ask someone to help you…
explain you get confused…ask for clear instructions.
it is natural to be anxious and stressed.
but they are not going to cancel your pip money…reduce it maybe…but that is not a reflection on you…that is the uk economy.
go easy on yourself.
write down the steps…on a piece of paper…you are not going to fail.
no offence but you are an intelligent person but clearly mentally ill.
you have nothing to prove.
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:

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Thanks both of you. Something tells me that outside door is the entrance to the PIP consultation centre and there will be a reception area near there inside. Then someone has to take you to the actual assessment room .
Although there is a keypad system there is just a circle with an arrow saying press the grey button.

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I strongly prefer clarity and precision.

I hope everything goes well for you.

Went and had another look. It definitely says press grey button and enter. The grey button was easy to notice whereas it wasn’t yesterday. In fact it all looked very different yesterday. I think my mind was playing tricks on me.

I make sure things are precisely explained at work or I refuse to make a delivery until they are. Mistakes can run into the thousands of dollars so I do everything I can to avoid them. Other ambiguity, I just have to deal with as best I can (marriage, eh?).