Ambien does a lot to put the breaks on the mind

I’ll take it in hopes of getting some sleep. Then I’ll lay there for hours sometimes. At first clearing my mind of words and getting the right focus going to prevent the voices from making me think. Then I sort of coast. It’s pretty nice.

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I took it for a year and built a tolerance. Then tried it awhile later and did nothing. 100mg seroquel, now that just trainquilizes me out, the next day sucks though. Now I just take Ltheanine, Magnesium, and 1mg klonopin and twitch myself to sleep.

Duuuude I know! It’s so weird!

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i take 100mg quetiapine a night not happy with it at all most nights 5 hrs or less sleep.i find i am fidgity all day,and started a goofy swaying off and on ive never had before.mind is clear just very nervous is it a side Effect?

Nervous is a product of uncertainty with how thing progress. Can’t be eliminated. But when you understand its presence you can learn to function whether it’s there or not.

My first diagnosis from the state hospital was drug induced psychosis, multiple dependency disorder, and…: Parkinson’s disease. Hah.

Yeah I’ve always had a shake. Probably neurological, in the vein of Parkinson’s maybe, but my grandpa and uncle have it. It’s not Parkinson’s or even a product of nerves.

This is conceited but i see it as product refresh rate in the mind. Constant searching to Ty and know the position of all this ■■■■. That part of the mind is physically blind so it scrambles everything and the result is a twitchy hand(s).

I hate when people mistake it for nervousness. Look at my face. Look at my eyes. If I’m dodgy with my glances then maybe I’m nervous. Otherwise damn you all and your steady physiology. Chyall can ■■■■ off. You might be better physical beings, but you got no hold on what I’ve come see or know in my mind.(still conceited).

Calm down. That’s what they say. That’s how they know.

Amen, amigo. (15 15 15)

It might be. Sq’s half life is only six hours, so you may be getting a rebound effect. Might want to tell your doc about this, remind him/her about the half life length and see about getting small amount – maybe 25 mgs, maybe even 12.5 – into your system during the day. What other meds are you on? (Just checking re: possible interactions.)

Oh, man. As I’m sure you already know, PD is the physiological opposite of sz insofar as the extrapyramidal NS is concerned. Take meds for PD, and sz gets worse; take meds for sz, and PD gets worse. BUT… if you haven’t taken 'Quel before, it or a low dose of Zyprexa (fingers crossed; see below) at bedtime might work without causing a real nasty upshot with the PD. Quel’s half-life is inside the sleep envelope. Zyprexa’s, however, is decidedly not, but it is somewhat hypnotic like 'Quel.

If you put it with seroquel it will keep working a lot longer. I gained some weight and ambien would only work if put with seroquel. Need to cut up seroquel to get fast release for sleep.

It’s quite manageable. Unfortunately my grandpa has trouble eating because of the shakes. He was cleaning a chimney or something and got some serious carbon monoxide poisoning which made it worse 10 fold(at least)

Interesting to hear that one reinforces the other.

I can survive without mess, so I’ll see how good my life can be without them.

I’ve got the slight depressive effect of alcohol going on right now. But otherwise I’m quite rational/functional.

It’s only gotten better with time. I know pot would send me to the depths of despair, which would be manageable if I had a sense of privacy.

In this telepathic delusion where people are double speaking at me… Yeah man any emotional/sexual/jealousy/anger any of that ■■■■ can’t exist in this scenario. Which sounds totally unhealthy but I am confident that the mind is programmable.

Eat your food. Find your peace. Ride the ride. Don’t make it personal, that’ll only get in your way.

The world doesn’t care. It takes effort to find anyone who anyone who does and they still won’t understand you.

So it goes. So it goes.

And re-programmable, or maybe more like “over-writable.” The old programming remains, but as the old stimulations are less and less rewarded and reinforced, the fire-together-wire-together deal caused by myelination- and receptor-site-maintenance falls away. (Or, at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.)

High five on that. I had to give up on that snipe hunt several years ago. I’m happy with little bits and pieces of understanding here and there, recognizing that the total package is highly unlikely. (And actually not all “required” anymore.)

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Yeah I hate what the voices tell me. But beyond that I hate rhyme schemes and loose associations which constantly bring up controversial topics in my mind. Not to any degree of analysis but it’s like yeah that’s there it exist in the world.

What works for me at least partially. Beyond waiting for stimulus and reprogramming then. Is imagining the scenario and deconstructing the impulses virtually.

Still it’s a battle. The memory of how things were persists. It’s a conscious trick to live anew and it’s quite difficult as the mind wants to know itself. But I prefer to be the body/observer. My mind and feelings are secondary, functionality comes first.

The boys on my bus are the ghosts of each of their moments in the spotlight. And the little ■■■■■■■ want another shot at whatever it was that nailed them to their respective crosses.

I have to listen to their pissing and moaning about wanting to undo it all, shrug, and drive on to where they really need to go.

Man I don’t think I can offer you much advise and I know this won’t work in the long term. I’m hope you’re capable of forgetting you problems when you can.

Desensitize to truant so it doesn’t shock you. Learn to accept the noise. It’s not you, even though it is.

Precisely. That’s exactly what the driver does. (“It’s not me, bro. It’s just the boys. And they haven’t exploded or imploded yet, so just keep on truckin’… er, bussin’.”)


Hah I didn’t quite follow. My schizophrenic mind thought you might have killed a few folks. Dark as that is… Who knows its the Internet.

Why does intelligence correlate with sociopathy? Boredom me thinks.

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Tonight I noticed just the sound of moving my clothes- made a voice for me. It’s sounds that my head make voices to. Bugs the ■■■■ out of me. I think I blew a gasket in the audiotory part of my brain, with headphones and stimulant abuse.

My cat talks to me telepathically bro:. When I’m silent he’s even more of a bugger. Like he know I’m in the dead state. “Wake up” “wake up”

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It’s because you know he’s there. Your brain makes up a voice for him.

When someone comes into an empty silent room my head will make up telepathic ■■■■■■■■ for them, because I know they are there. Sometimes it will be a female voice for a male. Then I will notice the gender and be like see it’s all ■■■■■■■■.

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In my case the messages lack gender or tone. It’s confusing.

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