Ambidextrous Post Psychosis

Ever since psychosis, I’ve been able to use my left hand a lot more. I was only ever right handed before. Now I’m a better shot left handed, and can generally do a lot more with my left. I’ve noticed it especially when cooking, or working outside with tools. I still don’t write left, but I don’t write a lot either.

I already know this is weird, but can anyone relate to this?

It boggles my mind because I would think being ambidextrous would have more to do with muscle memory than any sort of brain function. I dunno.

I remember reading on a thread the other day that @ZombieMombie had a similar issue.

Maybe she can offer some more insight.

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What is called “muscle” memory is indeed a function of the brain. It is part of what is called psychomotor function. Eg. psychomotor retardation can be a symptom of depression. Catatonia can be part of schizophrenia. In other words, it’s in the psyche.


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To use the ‘other’ hand is recommended to stave off dementia. :slight_smile:

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