Amazing Art of Disabled Artists


Thanks for posting that link @Daze. Wonderful works of art by amazing disabled artists!

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Is this a tree only topic…lol…the fox likes it too…


that’s a diversity tree, honey. I liked it, idk

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No no no…I love trees…being a druid and veeking trees are important…I like it…


@flameoftherhine Foxes and Fruit of the Loom BOOMers are welcome too.:wink:

Oh, and you’re very observant noticing there is a tree in my moon avatar.

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@Daze I really like your avatar. :relaxed:

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I love pizzapizza and salads…

me too honey, especially right after sex

there werent any schizophrenic :frowning:

I noticed that. I’ll see what I can find. I know we’re out there.

there are some things online of schizophrenics art, but it’s rather triggering,
and I’d rather not post it.