Am scared of my bed now

I woke up feeling very strange and off today. I think it was my bed. My mum doesn’t come to my flat because she gets weird vibes. I think I am feeling them now and they are from the bed

Am not gonna sleep on that bed. Totally bad vibes

There’s nothing wrong with your bed. We all wake up feeling off from time to time.

You’ve been having a very tough time lately and I think you should speak to your medical team about it.


I sleep with a wild one and after I felt uneasy and I got read of the bed… And it help me to forget her. But not the money the bed cost me.

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I feel bad vibes from my bedroom sometimes.

I think it’s our brain’s way of being skeptical of what should comfort us the most.

It’s just a weird malfunction.

Nothing is wrong with your bed.

It’s the illness.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Anxiety. I know it.

Ok I spent all afternoon in the livingroom but am back in the bedroom now. The vibe doesn’t feel too bad right now

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@anon94176359 it’s a delusion…there is nothing wrong with your bedroom or bed…it’s your sick mind playing tricks on you…forget what your mother said…kind of bugs me she said that too you…she should be more careful…tell your pdoc !!

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Just tried lying in bed. Really bad vibes again. Have thrown out my coffee

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