Am I wrong?

Am I wrong to refuse to accept that active psychosis is a part of my son’s ‘baseline’?

I took my son to the hospital yesterday. He smashed a door in his house, and was sending me messages with threats to kill people. He told the police the military is spying on him, and he told me that the aliens are making fun of him.

His psychiatrist questioned if there was anything going on that was outside of his baseline - meaning, whether an admission was warranted.

His meds were changed about a month ago, partial injection, and partial orally, and as far as I can tell, he is taking all of his meds as prescribed.

No you’re not wrong. Has he shown any improvements since the med change? Maybe that’s what the doctor meant. It might have been him asking if he has gotten worse.

Some positive changes - he is more social, and actually I think overall there has been less psychosis. But then we have this big angry and destructive outburst.

I am considering looking for another psychiatrist. I like this doctor, but I think it might be helpful to have some new insight and input.


I wouldn’t be able to accept that as baseline. I don’t have kids, and I suffer myself, but accepting someone that I love threatening to kill others isn’t something on the list of to-dos. The military spies on everybody, that’s you’re job when you have the most power and the most enemies in the world. Tell him to ignore that and avoid pissing them off. Idk about aliens… but the threatening murder is scary and you did the right thing hospitalizing him.

That’s from much deeper issues than just something a drug will fix, although drugs can and probably are helpful. Just please always do as much research as possible on the person’s body taking the drugs, and the drugs themselves. No two snowflakes are alike and everyone reacts to things differently. Is your son on this forum? If he wants anyone to talk to or vent to, he should feel free. What was causing the anger? Any street drug use? Friends? Hobbies?

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No street drugs.

But also no friends.

His hobbies are reading and researching all kinds of things. I know that his lack of socialization increases his problems - he is too much in his head. But there is just so much I can make him do.

Just to clarify - he doesn’t threaten to kill anyone in particular - he just says things like ’ I will kill someone because the government is such and such a way.

I hope he will join this site then. I don’t know him besides what you wrote, but I can relate to everything you’ve talked about him so far. I read and research all sorts of things too, and always have. That is part of what’s causing his problems though. The internet is like the American wild west in the 1800’s x10. Saying things like he will kill so and so because the government is a certain way is literally one of the worst things you can say online.

But I’ve said the same things, probably researched the same things, broken many doors, punched many walls… I hope it keeps getting better for him. If he joins here he could get so much more help. I’m online a lot so if he wants to socialize he can PM me anything.

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I would like him to get to know many of you on this site too - I can tell you all provide a lot of support and encouragement for each other!

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From what to what? Med changes are very often inducers of the behavior you describe. His prescriber’s “calm” may reflect his (or her) considerable experience with that in other pts. (I’ve seen it scores of times.)

Have you read this book yet? It’s a gold mine.

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**Even though our kids have a disease, they still go through a lot of the same kinds of things we do ( baggage).
My son is kind of going through the same thing now.
Lots of anger-about his dad.
It would be nice if I could get him to some classes-even online-so he could learn how to deal more constructively.
There really is nothing you can do except talk to the doctor–get a second opinion also. If you can talk to your son-let him know calmly that that kind of behavior could get him into a lot of trouble//won`t be tolerated.