Am i wrong

that no one would date me unless i have my own place and a good job. i told my friend that lives in venezuela this and she said it is such an american way of thinking and that that she and others dont care about stuff like that that much. im not really looking to start dating but i feel like its not even an option due to my current situation

im 20 btw i know it may be different if i was older like 30-40 or something but i dont know how people think nowadays. i always see people talking negatively about guys on social media so idk if its warped my view

My husband is disabled and poor. I divorced my first husband who was well off, and married my poor husband. So yes, it’s possible


I think your friend in Venezuela is correct. Most women just want a guy with a good heart. Material things come second, really.

Believe me fellow schizophrenic guys it’s totally possible to find a girlfriend.

You just have to put yourself out there.

People who have way more serious illnesses and handicaps get married all the time.


You should have no trouble finding someone at 20.

The older you start to get, the more important a job is though as people start to think about settling down.


i can tell you’re good with the ladies mr. montezuma

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Haha!! I’ve been around the block and then some more in my time, friend. :wink:

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