Am i wrong of thinking that my thought disorder will be the toughest to recover?

I cant think well. I really dont get a lot of things still. will it be hard to recover from this? I am worried that it will take years with the help of the meds of course… and so on, maybe ill never recover on that one…

@Anna1 yes it is hard to recover from this…But we have to keep pushing…!!!

you are better on this @far_cry0? were you to a point that you couldn’t talk? I have some blocages still. I am wondering if it will recover suddenly, for a moment or it is a slow process. cause sometimes, on my meds, I have those flashes for 3 seconds where everything is fine. but it never lasts…

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I feel same way u feel @Anna1 I am yet to see any improvement…ONLY hopes are keeping me alive…!!!
Lets see…!!! I want to do alot in life…!!! I haven’t found any good therapist who can treat me better…i would say hope lives…!!!

What is proved to work is medication and therapy. There are games to train your brain, it’s possible to recover.

I keep saying this in hopes you understand the importance of therapy, it’s vital in recovery.