Am I too emotionally clingy?!

is it a big deal to call people pet names and stuff?!

I kinda freaked out maybe I have become some sort of emotionally clingy sociopath?

what do you think?

I like pet names - never had one…

Can I have one plz? :grin:

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I need to get to know you first i guess

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I was jk… but really I am on here basically 24/7 easy to get to know not in a weird sorta way either…


Loll i dont read a lot of posts i guess. Dont worry, in time i’ll call you something

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i’m clingy to my partner, I love her and she knows it its just I sometimes cant make decisions without her. I think i’m so clingy to her is because she was with me when I first got sick and she visited me every day in the hospital.

I dont think i am but i call a lot of pet names

I think that’s an oxymoron. :blush: I think pet names are sweet, and I tend to think of someone who uses them as a friendly/sweet person who is giving, not clinging…
You’re being hard on yourself? Second guessing? You seem, from what I’ve seen on here, to have a nice balance of give and take. :heart:

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@anon84763962 calls me jj I think it’s cute

When I was a player in 5th grade, girls called me Jonny boy


there is nothing wrong with pet names or you for them :slight_smile:

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