Am i the one?

Am I responsible for everyone’s happiness and unhappiness ? How do I get this load off me. I don’t want to be responsible for everyone’s happiness and u happiness. It’s not my accountability or responsibility. I don’t like it.

Nope your mind is in a solipsitic state of dissociation and self importance,

While you can make people happy or unhappy… it’s not your responsibility…

Most normies have sold out to considering have sold out to considering the “moment” as “hogwash;” If you will.

It’s what makes it easy for them to roll with it. They’re still in there trying to game it. Just like we are… they just don’t carry the same weight we do.

We’s have the psychosis son.

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I highly doubt it, sometimes I struggle with these thoughts. Keep taking your meds, talk to your Pdoc, and try to keep your stress down, that’s what I’d do.

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Thanks it’s just for weeks now I have fet I’m responsible for all the happiness and unhappiness and I’m getting quite upset and frustrated. I don’t want this. I feel like I’m very sensitive to people’s emotions and pick up on things others don’t. Like I’m an empath and I’m being taken advantage of. I don’t know what to do.

Sorry I have to do this…

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and again :)…
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When you change the “I” in illness with “we” it becomes Wellness.

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I totally get this. my family especially expect very high levels of emotional support from me. I’m a good listener & people tell me they feel good after talking to me. I, on the other hand, feel terrible because I feel like I’ve taken on all their burdens and also because they’ve not listened to me in return and don’t offer me any emotional support. my sister, for example, can talk about herself for 2 hours straight without simply asking me, “how are you?”

to cope with this at the moment I’m distancing myself from them and spending more time alone.

I wouldn’t say I felt responsible for anyone’s happiness or happiness though. I just feel those close to me tend to take advantage of my listening skills and caring nature.

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