Am I stupid?

honest opinions only. i think i have became stupid because of medication or psychosis

I wouldn’t say you’re stupid … we all have struggles…

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Medication doesn’t make you stupid. Most of the people with SZ who are stupid started out that way.

Everyone has their own share of troubles. If you were wishing for a magic wand, then you would certainly be disappointed. Take chances when they fructify.

No, you aren’t. Both meds and psychosis can slow you down but there is no reason why you shouldn’t make a good recovery.

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Well, you’re 15, so odds are you’re currently stupid, yes. :wink: Don’t worry, you’ll outgrow it!

All jokes aside, you don’t strike me as unintelligent at all. Uninformed, yes. Inexperienced, yes.
But those are also things that will go away as you get older and gain some life experience.

I was dumb as a doorknob at 15, and blissfully ignorant.
I wad one of those people who was dumb enough to think I was smart.


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