Am I seeking attention?

I think my behavior is more reassurance seeking than attention seeking but honest opinions pls


I feel you are looking for specific answers to validate your experiences… however when we say you have delusional beliefs its not to insult you at all, its because most of us have and do experience those from time to time and we have insight to know what they are better than a lot of people who don’t understand mental illness


Reassurance is a type of attention, so yes, you’re seeking attention. However, we are all seeking a little attention on this site. It’s a support group.


I guess you’re right

In my opinion there isn’t anything inherently wrong with seeking attention


I think there is a big difference between seeking attention, and asking for support. There’s a difference between the two.

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All of the things I have been talking about here are true and honest reflections of my experience

Is that really seeking attention tbh

Yes I may annoy people by posting the same post over and over again but thats just me trying to get an answer that satisfies me

Yes but I feel its because you getting answers that dont agree with the way you see things… I think you being honest with the way you see things and we are being honest in how we see your situation … the word delusion is not used here to insult you… I mean why would we do that when we ourselves have those from time to time… we not against you we are trying to help
… part of me feels you know deep inside you do have unusual experiences but maybe feel people will judge you differently… don’t know


I know I have “delusions” I just don’t like the term delusion

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You have unusual experiences… maybe that would be better to say? I’m sorry you are struggling with this… do you knpw when I came here 10 years ago i had not even a clue what psychosis was and did everything I could to not be seen that way… I used to research so much to try and find a reason that said I didn’t have psychosis…thought maybe the pdoc was wrong… then I realised the labels aren’t that important because i found meds that helped me see the situations more clearly


Yeah maybe that’d be better… unusual experiences… sounds about right

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