am I schizophrenic or is it anxiety

I’m only 14 years old and I been having really weird symptoms from extreme mood swings to being really irritable and my anxiety is getting really bad I feel like everyone is watching me but I do know that schizophrenia runs in the family my mom, brother, and both of my grandparents have it. I been having really weird things happing like my mom been telling me what she experiences as a diagnosed schizophrenic and honestly I feel like I’m going through everything she is going through I have this problem where I talk to imaginary people around me for hours straight and sometimes I can get so dissociated that I can feel like I’m in a whole different place like I remember one time I thought I was at a concert with Beyoncé and another I thought I was on a plain with my bestfriend going to New Mexico I have no idea why it’s very random and This happens to me everyday I also have to cover my phone camera when I’m getting dressed because I feel like people are watching me from the dark web but I don’t know I’m going to go to a doctor in a few months hopefully they will put me on the right medication.


The part where you talk to imaginary people for hours sounds like schizophrenia to me. Do the voices interrupt your reading?

Hopefully you can remain stable until your psychiatrist appointment.


This probably needs sharing with someone in your life. It’s great you have found this forum where you can ask questions, but peer to peer support has it’s limitations.

It sounds to me like you need to at least go to the doctors. I had what you describe in the quote above for a few years before I got picked up by health services. Please don’t leave it too long before seeking help.


The delusions and talking to people around you who aren’t there are definitely a sign of psychosis, I would get that checked out.

Dissociative and properties like “I’m worried I’m losing my mind” are just anxiety.

You would be amazed what the brain is capable of just from anxiety.

Go get checked out, especially if SZ runs in your family.

EDIT: mood swings are also not a sign of SZ. That’s common in bipolar disorder, which I have. SZ results in a “flat” effect where you aren’t able to feel emotion really.

When I start talking and becoming very out of it usually happens out of no where through out the day at first it only used to happen while I was alone in my room but no it’s happening in public

Yeahhh I’m going but it’s going to be in a few months because that’s how booked up they are and it’s like the only one that I can go to and each month gets worse and worse

Have you told your parents about what is happening to you and how you feel?

you’re a little beyond the age of mimicking your parents

who have a condition

typically it’s outgrown

you’re not diagnosed, thanks for sharing though.

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