Am i schizophrenia? I have to be

Hi, i have gone many doctors, and they all said “you are not schizophrenia”… They diagnosed me “anxiety disorder” and “depression”… But these diagnose are not defined, and cant cure me…

First of all, i have to say, i don’t have any delusions. I don’t hear voises, i never see hallucinations…But I have All the negative symptoms…

My School Life ruined, i couldn’t go to my school, i couldnt finish my university
My face is assymmetric, i look weird, i know most of schizophrenia has assymmetric face
I smoke a lot of, (really a lot of) cigarettes (4 pack one day)
I drink a lot of Cofee (more than 10 cups)
I can’t do my work,
I have serious anger problem, but i live it in my own world.
I cant comminicate with other people, especially women (i am man) and, they find me weird (and they are so true)
I lost all my friend in 10 years, because i couldn’t communicate with them, so they gone…

So what do you think? All my doctors said “you are not schizophrenia!” and i am still saying

How long has it been going on?
I don’t know how much this abuse of nicotine and caffeine is helping you, I don’t think having an assymetrical face is a symptom of schizophrenia. :slight_smile:

Other symptoms? You can check out also schizotypal:
and schizoid pd:


There’s also simple schizophrenia. Your doctors might not be familiar with that diagnosis as it’s not very common. It’s also not used in the US. Simple schizophrenia is basically schizophrenia without positive symptoms like hallucinations and delusions. But I don’t think it’s easy to diagnose simple schizophrenia. Negative symptoms can easily be confused with other, similar problems, like depression (which doesn’t always involve obvious mood symptoms).


Hello and welcome,

I used to have most of the negative symptoms and I still have some of them. They don’t imply anger or trouble communicating with the opposite sex. They include apathy, prolonged sleep and the most cumbersome ones (for me at least) are anhedonia and flat affect.

Also schizophrenia without positive symptoms is very rare (on this forum we have @far_cry0 and I don’t know who else).

I don’t know what you have but schizophrenia sounds unlikely…


You may not have Schizophrenia. It doesn’t sound like you do to be honest but I am not a doctor. You could have a myriad of different things. The best thing you could probably do is work with a doctor to treat the symptoms. It isn’t as important as to what you call it as it is to treat what’s going on. Counseling is a great tool to getting help also. It’s even possible some of the symptoms are physical so a primary care doctor would be good to see also. Good luck! I hope you find help and relief for what you’re experiencing.

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Listen to your doctors.


How long have you been with any single one of the many doctors you have seen over the years?

I ask because in the usa it is common to diagnose as “anxiety and depression” everyone who comes in.

This is catch-all diagnosis until they get to know more about you and your illness. It is common for doctors to do that.

I dont know what you have, of course. But if yyou really are drinking much coffee amd smoking that much no wonder you aggitated. Please cut back.

They may tell you your diagnosis after you have been with a clinic or doctor for a while.

It doesn’t sound like schizophrenia honestly. I’m not familiar with simple schizophrenia but I think positive symptoms like delusion or hallucinations have to be present for a short amount of time for simple but I’m no doctor so I really don’t know lol. But again it doesn’t sound like schizophrenia really. Other diagnosis can cause negative symptoms too.

Thero my initial diagnosis was mixed anxiety …which means depression with anxiety…if u have cognitive and negative symptoms u are szphernic thats for sure…dont worry brother we all are sz here…fallow ur psydoc and try to enjoy ur life…

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For schizophrenia you would need to have at least 1 positive symptom for at least a month. The only thing you mention that is a schizophrenic symptom is negative symptoms, it might help if you went into more detail about that. There are a lot of disorders that can have negative symptoms most of which are considered to be part of the schizophrenia spectrum such as schizoid personality disorder and simple schizophrenia, both of which are negative symptoms and nothing else. The other disorder that commonly involves some form of negative symptoms especially anhedonia is depression.


In a day? This could make anyone go crazy. Too much caffeine really is bad for mental health.


You don’t sound sz to me, but who knows? I’m not a pdoc. You could start hearing voices tomorrow and everything will change.


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