Am I really just a guy on a forum?

You guys actually don’t know me, do you? Am i just a guy on a forum to you? That’s all you know about me?


I don’t even know if you’re a guy on a forum.You could be a gal on a forum. I honestly don’t know.

Edit: I think you’re kind of an awesome guy/gal on the forum and you need to reward yourself with some chocolate. It fixes everything, you know.



I know as much about you as you know about me

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We only know what you share.

We’re all just guys/gals/other on a forum.


I think we’ve told you several times, on several threads, that we don’t know you. We just know what you tell us.

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I don’t know you who you are too, if you have shared the personal details here, I have no brains to even store it for this long, All I know about you is you respond to unusual beliefs section a lot, or may be I could be wrong as well.

By the way curious to know why do you think this way? And this questions too…

I used to think this way too, and when I got older and got to know the world does not give a rats drops, I came to an understanding with self I am no one.

Just a wind in the air passing by.

Nothing stopping you (other than site rules) making a new account and calling yourself an old lady named Doris.
Or if you told us your father was hugely successful investment banker - we would believe you.

Over the past 4.5 years I have come to get to know a person from this site that I call a best friend. But at the drop of a hat that person could reveal any information that would completely change what I think of them, or they could simply log off and go away and I would never know what happened to them. Or that person could be a serial killer, rapist or pervert.

Online friendships are a different animal than real life friendships. They must be held loosely, and a certain amount of faith is involved. We have to be willing to care without promises.

I don’t even know who I am to myself