Am I prodromal? Please help, panicking

Hi. I’m 27 years old. I’ve had anxiety my entire life, but not like this. About 3 weeks ago, I had extremely severe episode of sleep paralysis, which I’d had before, but not with any hallucinations. I saw a figure and heard my ex’s voice. I can’t tell if I was actually dreaming or if I had my eyes open and hallucinating. It gave me such extreme anxiety that I was afraid to sleep the next night.

The next night, I didn’t have sleep paralysis, but when I woke up, I saw a small bit of writing on the wall that disappeared after I blinked twice. To be clear, I was fully aware that these were not real and had no meaning. My anxiety level shot through the roof and I sobbed my eyes out convinced I’d lost it.

All that said, I was absolutely terrified and began to think that I have schizophrenia. For the past few weeks, I have not had anything like that again, but I have developed a phobia that I am coming down with schizophrenia. I am hyper aware of sounds thinking I could start to hallucinate at any moment. I am hyper analyzing my own thoughts to see if I hear any voices in my head. My ears have been ringing and my ears feel full.

Yesterday, while the AC was running, it almost sounded like I could hear someone whispering, even though I know it’s not real and I’m not sure if I really heard it, or if my anxious brain is just looking for things. My dreams have been intense, my mind has been racing, and I’ve broken down in tears multiple times convinced that I am prodromal (I have researched and googled frantically every day convincing myself that I am schizophrenic, so I know all the terms).

I have not actually seen anything or heard any clear voices during the day. It only happened those few times while I was half asleep or dreaming. But, I am literally shaking while writing this right now because I have convinced myself that I am losing it, even though I’m fully lucid, know what’s real and what’s not, have ZERO paranoia or delusions (except that I’m schizo lol) and still am going to work/functioning…but just constantly silently panicking and almost looking for proof. I dont know why this is happening.

HELP ME. I see a psychiatrist Wednesday, but what if I’m too early in the prodromal stages for them to diagnose me? I desperately need peace of mind.

well your pdoc can help you, if you are in early stages of schizophrenia or not, you will be better off telling your pdoc everything…I hope you aren’t schizophrenic…sorry dude.


Everyone around me keeps telling me it’s just anxiety. I even went to a psychiatric hospital to be evaluated and she said that schizophrenia wasn’t even on the table for me…but I just am not convinced. I’m constantly panicking and it’s miserable.

Do you feel depressed ?

No one here can help you, only a doctor can. Sorry. Good luck.


No, just pure panicking and terrified that I’m schizophrenic. I’ve been mildly depressed before, but I’ve never been suicidal or anything like that. I’ve always just had mild anxiety and I had a phobia of throwing up since I was a child, but it seems it’s been replaced with fear of schizophrenia now and it’s damn near debilitating.

I’m just asking if anyone can talk to me about my experiences or relate to their prodromal phase.

Schizophrenia can only be diagnosed after certain symptoms have presented for a minimum amount of time. No one can tell you with any certainty if you are prodromal or if you are likely to get SZ. That’s a “time takes time” thing. Your doctor can do the necessary tests to rule out other nasty things (tumors, parasites, poisoning, etc.).

No point getting yourself all wound up before seeing the doc.


Schizophrenia is often proceeded by a prodrone phase that is most evident in retrospect after the acute phase of illness has manifested. In its midst, the symptoms of the prodrone phase are too vague to support a diagnosis. If suspected, individuals in the prodrome phase should have ongoing evaluation by a physician. If there is a prodrome, start with cognitive behavioral therapy, add fish oil, and consider antipsychotics.

Based on your symptoms I might also look into the work of Dr. Bill Walsh who has identified key underlying factors in mental health. These include looking into methylation status (testing for Whole Blood Histamine), Zinc/copper ratio and Pyroluria. There is much info on the web about the underlying issues.

I am NOT asking anyone to diagnose me, bud. I’m just asking if anyone had similar experiences.

The prodromal phase of schizophrenia is/was commonly misdiagnosed as depression. It doesn’t sound like you have it. I’m not a doctor though.

I was diagnosed with depression when I was about 20. Then diagnosed with schizophrenia at 38/39.

Racing thoughts and anxiety doesn’t mean schizophrenia.

The important thing is you’re seeing a psychiatrist in a few days. Tell them everything including your fear that it might be schizophrenia.

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Thank you, I will do that.

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Also, a little more about me - I’m a 27 year old woman with no family history of SZ.

Like @everhopeful said the important thing is ur seeing a psychiatric doctor this week.
That is good the earlier u get treatment if u really do need it, the better.


Is there anything u think may have triggered it?

The sleep paralysis episode is when it all started. I was my normal self before that happened. I know I’d been anxious a little more lately and everyone I’ve talked to said it’s just stress/anxiety causing it because sleep paralysis/hypnagogic hallucinations are actually normal to experience if you’re stressed or anxious. But, after the musical ear/ear ringing/fullness started, I fell into panic all over again.

That ear thing could even be tinnitus. But yea I don’t know wat this all is I’m no psychiatrist.
But I get u just want to know if people can relate.
I can tell u from me personally I actually went through some crazy stress up to the time of my psychosis. So I wasn’t diagnosed sz but instead as psychosis one reason that I’m aware of being that sz diagnosis I think is symptoms of six months or longer. Also I had done drugs once the year before and heavy alcohol. Also mental illness runs in my extended family.
I’d suggest CBT if it’s available to u well it was free in uk for me so I don’t know about u. They may be able to help with coping mechanisms for ur anxiety etc.

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Thank you for your sweet response. I’m just having another panic attack right now. I think my panic sort of causes some of these symptoms for me, but I’m just so obsessed with the “but what if it’s schizophrenia”.

Does prodromal phase always come with paranoia and delusions? Because I don’t have those at all, I’m an athiest, don’t believe anyone is out for me, nothing like that.

Thing is I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression around 16 then schizoaffective disorder years later. I feel panicky and anxious almost daily

Did you panic when you started having symptoms? How did it start for you? Visual, auditory? Were they clear from the start or did it start as your mind playing tricks?