Am I permanently P.O.'d?

My voice tortured me every day for 30 years because I failed in life and it was my fault. He used my cleverness, loved ones, religion, other people, and countless other things to hurt me. I don’t love myself anymore. My Self separated from me and totally went berserk. I think he was my daemon. It was really hateful, Satanic is the word that describes him. It was like winding me up for years and years to set me off to do physical damage. Now we are both basically destroyed by each other. I have a self destructive impulse from my addiction still I don’t listen to Reason very well. I worry am I a mindless agent of chaos? Will I ever get my mind back, will the voices ever stop reaping vengeance by abusing me, will the anger ever subside? Or am I going to end up in prison? It’s all so meaningless to do that to yourself, to destroy your self respect so utterly. I don’t think I can get it back. I am definitely not your GOD.

The voices only have power over you if you give them it.

If your not sure whether they are real or not - use the voice recorder on your phone, and if they are not on the playback, you know its in your head.

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Truth schizophrenia is exhausting. Have you seen a doctor?

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I hear you mate

I think we have all lost a part of ourselves with this illness

We’ve probably all worried about ending up back in hospital or worse

Hang on in there mate, we’re all here for support and it’s okay to vent a little

Do you have somebody you can speak to in person that always helps me when I’m down

Stay strong


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