Am I paranoid? Is this realistic?

I keep thinking that people out there just beyond my reach are interfering with my life. For example, if I get a rise in a bill, I think some guy is doing that to me out of spite. I’m not that concerned about the cash, but the thought of someone beyond the range of what would be thought appropriate is interfering in my life. I get furious. If I have a hard time logging onto a site I think someone is interfering with me over the internet. I guess it can’t be true, but that is the way I interpret it emotionally.

It’s not realistic at all, highly unlikely, and really pure paranoia.
If you really think about it, it makes no sense. Why would someone mess with your bill, although its true companies unecessarely charge a lot, no one would mess with your bill on purpose nor could they. And internet maybe you just have a slow modem you can blame the company as well.

Blame the companies. :smile: