Am I overreacting

So I had a friend that knew I was trying to get homes for some kittens. I had 9 cats at the time and was overwhelmed. I asked her if she would take on e. She said she couldn’t because her cat hates other cats. Okay, right?

A few days to a week later she posted pictures of her new kitten! I know her offline but had her on Fb. I unfriended her. This was two months ago. Last night and today she messaged me and said she just noticed we weren’t friends! So I told her why and stopped talking to her.

I don’t think I overreacted. She straight up lied to me when I was in need of help. Also it took her that long to notice we haven’t spoken!


No, I don’t think you’re overreacting. Relationships must be built on trust. How can you trust your friend when she lied to your face? It’s not like she said she didn’t want to take in another cat at that moment, she said her cat hates other cats. If that were true, she never would’ve trusted the cat around a kitten. The only thing I can think of is maybe her cat feels threatened by older cats, but is motherly around kittens, however all she would have needed to do is tell you that. Anyway, you are not in the wrong here, but if you could find it in your heart to forgive her one day, I think you both can have some peace.

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you cant really get mad at her for not taking your cat. maybe she found a cat that her cat gets along with

She didn’t know it eould. She said she decided to take a chance. Right after I needed help.

The problem here isn’t refusal to take the cat, it’s the lying. Friends shouldn’t lie to each other like that.

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Yes, that is my point. Thanks.

yea maybe those catc were cuter though so…:sweat_smile:

I definitely understand why you’re mad, but I also think I see where she is coming from, too. She may have felt put on the spot, and not ready to commit to your particular cats. Cats all have their own personalities, and she just maybe didn’t jive with any of yours. Or maybe she didn’t want a cat, but then changed her mind. And rather than admitting that, she hid behind an excuse. It’s not the right thing to do, but it is very human. Who among us hasn’t pretended there was a bigger reason to turn someone down than just not wanting to? I know I have, on occasion. She should have been honest about the reason she didn’t want to take one of your cats, but it doesn’t make her irredeemably terrible. It makes her a human who made a mistake.

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