Am I on not the right medication?

I am on abilify 5mg,mirtazapine 30mg and sodium valproate 200mg,although I had improved but I would say there is only a 30% improvement compare to when I just started

What are my problems in life now?
My problem is I suffer from lack of desire to social,I am just not interested in anybody,although I would like to have sex but I doubt I would get any sex if I function this way,I can’t hold a fine conversation and never had I ever maintain a friendship after my diagnosis,which is 5 years ago.

I have also got severe anxiety problem,when I need to social or get close to anybody,I get very anxious till my leg stiffen and blanked mind,than I start to socialize confusingly like I act out everything and I fake that I was comfortable but deep inside I feel worried…

These are mainly my problem,if I can resolve these,I think I would live a fuller life,I really need a change if I go on like this,I would be wasted,I have taken 5mg abilify for 5 years,mirtazapine for 8 months and sodium valproate for 1 week,should I expect more from sodium valproate and be patient or should I add something which can help my asocial and anxiety?

I would have a serious discussion with your doctor, tell him or her how you are exactly feeling. You could be suffering from negative symptoms or lingering depression - this makes people less inclined to socialize.
I am not a doctor, I can only say that 5 mg of Abilify is a drop in the bucket - a very small dose.
All you can do is bring up your symptoms, let him or her review and go over your meds - this is part of what psychiatrists do - Good luck to you


I would say give the valpro more time to work. You’ve only been on it a week now. Also, I think you would benefit from social skills training with a therapist.

For some people, the social anxiety comes from a lack of adequate social skills. This creates fear, because you’re uncertain of how you SHOULD be responding, and what “normal” people talk about.

I went through social skills training within group therapy and its decreased my social anxiety remarkably. I now feel more prepared for conversation and small talk.

I hope you can find some help to assist you in overcoming this.




I stopped trying out medicines when I was comfortable when by my self and no longer depressed. And can spend a short time (10 - 15 min) with other people - at the grocery, walking down the street.

After many years, I welcome the comfort. The side effect of not doing things bother me. Waiting for new meds to come out. Maybe they will be good for socializing.