Am I manic?

I’ve been talking so much that I talk to myself I’ve been in a really good and silly mood and I’ve been making funny noises too. I also have been posting a lot on this forum. I just want to talk forever ! About anything! I don’t think it’s mania because I am always like that! So where do we draw the line between just being an excitable person and being manic? Like it’s weird because I’m diagnosed with bi polar but I’m always way up and never down! Is there any mental disorder where your always up? That’s my question ! You guys have never met me or heard me talk but it’s not unusual for me to always be super up! Have a great day everybody!!!

No I think it’s a combo of healthy eating and working out ! It’s so great I feel invincible and I’m not delusional and I’m able to concentrate too! Yes me ! Trazodone I take too it’s an antidepressant I love that drug! I take it for sleep but I think it improves my mood!!

Life is similar to a game where if you unlock the codes and figure out how to feel amazing then you win!!!

We did it! 151515

Trozadone seems like a decent medication.

As for the question, you’re probably as you say naturally just on a hyper side? Bipolar usually does mean so, it maybe your excercising is keeping you positive from the endorphins

Well I’m SzA depressive type where I have daily downs, but am almost never manic. There’s bipolar type SzA where you get both ups and downs. I don’t know about bipolar if you can always be up with no downs.

I don’t really think being talkative is maniac though.

Well yea I get delusions and hallucinations off meds but I’m way up too then just kind of scary up! I think it’s the exercise tbh

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I’m diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type. But that diagnosis doesn’t make sense to me sense my mental illness is always mania with psychosis. I’m not a paranoid schizophrenic either I’m never paranoid even at my worse. I used to be paranoid off meds but my symptoms changed a few years ago

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I think it’s the exercise

I have always been a hyper person even as a child

I used to watch pro wrestling and run around in circles when I was 10 it seems kind of old to be doing that but that’s exactly what I did

I’m fun to be around honestly but I drive people crazy because people don’t always think like me!

Well it’s nice talking with you. I can’t think of a lot to say right now.

Yea hahaha this thread is stupid it’s okay have a great night!

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Matthewjd: if your always up and your a bi-polar type, it could be mania or you being “manic”.

That’s a possibility.

However, if your in a great mood, positive wise, it could be you recognizing “happy” as manic.

I’m not sure what it means if your just “talkative”.
If your just really “talkative”, I’m not sure if that’s manic.

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