Am I just paranoid?

I just had a bad feeling that something is wrong with my daughter but I don’t want to text her sounding crazy. This has happened b4 and she was fine.
Edit: I just texted her. She hasn’t responded. She does work on the weekends though

My kids do that a lot to me


You mean you get a bad feeling then everything is fine.

Up come things always get me more strud up

Like my kids wait tell the last min to call

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Oh. I get it. Yeah. The feeling has passed. I know she broke up with her bf recently whom she thought hung the moon. He cheated on her. Maybe she’s sad. Idk.

I hope she is just sleeping or something…surely she will answer you soon.

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Yeah. She answered me. She’s ok.

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Do you still hear voices @Loke?

Yes. In Spanish every ducking day.

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Unusual I must admit. My voices went away when I stopped believeing in them.

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I think bc I used to be fluent in Spanish.

But the thing with my daughter today is I had a “vision” of her being kidnapped as she was walking to work but I thought maybe it was a sza paranoia thing and I didn’t want to overreact.

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Yeah there is no such thing as visions. I need evidence for everything these days.

This 90 year old man use to always say when I saw him…

That the thing he regretted the most in his life was all the worrying he did. “You never have to worry again in your life…worry comes from people, places, or things we can’t control…but you probably will anyway.”

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