Am i in the truman show

i have paranoid schizophrenia and i stopped taking my meds prior to being diagnosed with it , i was on promazine for psychotic episodes i though i was better so stopped them and i slipped into what i can only discribe as being on the truman show i also took every electrical object i had apart to stop communication with ‘‘them’’ … i also witnessed my brother almost die after a knife attack which left him paralysed :frowning:

You are not the only one who thought they were on the Truman show these spirits make other people believe the same thing including me.

yea i understand but i thought i was on my own on this … i also thought people with hats on had ear pieces on and cars with areials on where tracking me i was so scared … thank you for your reply

No problems we are all together in this.

thank you :slight_smile: that scared i will never not take my pills

Pills arnt for everybody but if you feel they work for you then great what matters is that you get better and have your own autonomy

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It’s a pretty common “delusion” the truman show one. I have it too.

i wish i was in Bruce Almighty

I would also pick a better show…maybe rick and Morty …that seems fun…

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