Am I In An Unfolding Movie?

Am I? And are all of you as well?

I’m going to the Police later today to ask that very question.

You’re very unwell. You should consider going to the hospital.


Don’t go to the cops. This is not a movie, they’ll just look at you funny.
Stay safe at home

The 3 Ps…



Psychiatric Unit

Which one do I choose today? Or perhaps all three?

the 3 P’s


I think you forgot Programming (radio)

I’d suggest the psych unit, you really need to get out of the Truman show delusion.

Have you tried Abilify? It worked for me to reduce ideas of reference, even on a low dose. I imagine 10 mg will be enough to stop it completely, much like it did for others here including @everhopeful.

I determine psychiatric imbalance by what they don’t involve themselves with in other posts, constantly posting their own.

Go to the psych unit @PatrickT.
You don’t seem well at all.

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Hi sweetie, you’re OK! There is no movie :slight_smile:

Holidays are always the hardest time of the year for everyone, take it easy and try and do things that you enjoy.

Take care

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Like others have suggested, i think the hospital would be a good place for you right now. It doesn’t sound like you’re doing too good. Take care of yourself @PatrickT.

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If you go to the police, like I did when I was unmedicated, you will probably end up in the psych ward. The priest really wasn’t much help to me, but I did get a blessing from him. Maybe you should admit yourself to the psych ward rather than a 5150, which happened to me, after calling the cops too many times. Are you still on your meds?

I still feel like I am in an unfolding movie and I am medicated. You should write a book. It could be cathartic.

Man, I don’t mean to put you down but I think at this moment that your wife would be the voice of reason. Can you talk to her and see what she thinks would be best for you? After all, she knows you very well. No shame in getting help from the female species.

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