Am I getting enough calories?

Yesterday I had 1 foot long subway sandwich that totaled to about 680 calories. Later at night after lifting weights I had one protein shake (100 calories) and less than a quarter of a chicken breast. This would equate to no more than 1200 calories at best. Is this enough food? Normally a lot of my calories come from alcohol but I haven’t been drinking. Today I had the same foot long again and had three hard boiled eggs (60 calories each). I plan to have 2 more later tonight, which totals to 980 calories.

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No that’s not enough. You should have closer to 1200 calories. Rice is a nice dish, maybe you could try that.

I also went on a 1.5 mile walk/run today and demoed some aerobic exercises.

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There are calorie calculators on the web, but what my nutritionist told me was 1,500 while I was trying to lose weight and 2,000 to maintain. I’m a 5’6" woman though.

I just had another 3 hard boiled eggs. I will think of something else to add calories later tonight, perhaps toast.

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Normally I’ll have a chicken breast or two and some rice for dinner, but things have been out of wack lately. I’ve also been trying to lose weight.

OK, I’m microwaving a 250 calorie meal. That should be enough.

I think it depends on how much you weigh. And what your weight goals are.

I wouldn’t worry about getting too few calories unless you are underweight and losing. Some days I eat 1000 calories, some days I eat 3000. And when you stop drinking your body needs time to adjust.

Yeah, I’m a good 6-10 pounds over weight, although since 5 pounds equates to the mass of a small infant in fat, I doubt much more than that. I’m 174lbs currently.

It’s actually not the calories… it’s the fats / g saturated fats/ g transfats.

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You still need to eat fat. Just don’t over do it. 10 pounds over weight isn’t bad at all. It’s good your not drinking though anymore. Keep it up :smile: