Am I ever going to find a job?

I feel extremely fed up with my inability to find something even after 2 years already.!


It stresses me out too.

Same. Haven’t had something in a long time…

I work in programming, but I cannot keep up anymore. I still can program software, but it is slower and taking much more time. So I have very much difficulty, because I love to program, accepting that I am out of work makes me angry and sad. However, it helps not to worry.

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Are you telling your employers you have schizo? please don’t tell them that, hide your condition or else most employer won’t hire you


Never tell anyone your schizo.

That would be discrimination, or am i wrong?

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Try and make a good resume

Even if it was. Disclosing your illness can potentially cause more problems if your applying for a higher up position.


I’m not revealing my diagnosis. I’m just struggling at interviews.

Can you discuss your issues with someone? Maybe you can get coaching to do better in interviews. Doing interviews is a skill that can be learned.

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You definitely don’t want to work with the disability system or be too open about your diagnosis if you have higher level skills because they’ll push you towards something like janitor work or flipping burgers. If you can’t obtain those skills however you may as well admit your diagnosis because that’s what you’d be doing anyway.

Yes, it would be. So we still deal with the stigma of sz.

Create an awesome resume and confidence…. Work on confidence if you walk in there like the job is yours and make it seem like your not desperate/ have allot of job offers / options….

If you think you can you will, if you think you won’t you most certainly will always be right.

Good luck and don’t give up.

The resume and applications are getting me interviews, the interviews are not getting me jobs. I feel the anxiety holds me back. Wish I could control it.


Yes. Workplace politics can get pretty mean. However, in some places in the United States you can get your boss a pretty good tax break for hiring a disabled person, but I wouldn’t want to try that until you have proven yourself to your boss.

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Yes. That gets a lot of us.

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Have you tried volunteering to get more used to people. That’s what I have been thinking about trying to get back into it.

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You got this I believe in you, you sound like a smart person….

You will figure it out.

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