Am I doing the right thing?

So since my diagnosis my hallucinations are better but I’m not. I’m tired of trying to fake like everything’s okay.

I’m not suicidal but I have lost interest in everything and I mean everything. I don’t even want to get out of the bed.

So I called my insurance to set a ride up for Friday to the behavioral hospital but do I say I’m depressed or is this negatives from sz I’m confused frustrated and this sucks.


can you talk to your familiy or friends about this?

I’ve tried to tell them I’m sick. They think it’s something they’ve done I can’t explain it them they are older and don’t know what sz is. Hell neither do I


What AP are you on?

Its hard for even doctors to determine wether its negatives or depression. But i beleive the negatives are more like a lack of feeling and depression is more likely to be feeling overly sad for extended periods. I dunno though. I get a similar thing. Losing interest in all things.

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I’m on invega. I’m not like sad crying depressed or anything. I just have no desire or excitement or pleasure I feel numb and drained.

Check out this thread

There’s an interaction between these ADs and Abilify so I can’t take them. But if you’re on invega you should be able to.

Show your psychiatrist the research and see what they say.


It could be side effects of the Invega too. I was like you described in the four months I was on it earlier this year.

I think it’s a great idea to take that ride and get some help. You may mention the agoraphobia as well and see what they can do to help with that.

Good luck. You’re taking a very brave step and I send you good thoughts.