Am i doing it wrong? time to change when i cant do it anymore?

my mother says that she is tired from doing all my needs for me… she yells ver often on me lately. she pushes me to go out and me I am scared… she is disgusted in a way by my inactivity… and me, I am scared to go outside. I really have the impression that the others will see that I am crazy… its to a point that I suffocate by panic outside. did I went below the line where I became weak? is it my fault? like the alcoholics… when they are to a point that they cant stop drinking for example…me, I find it really hard to go outside sometimes. I go out only when I am relatively ok but its still not a struggle for my mother… she screams like a hell because of it…

Man’s unnecessary desire for affirmation from others has made slaves of many.

Here, in New Zealand, they use the sentence ‘Not a good look, mate!’ as means to control

It was extremely effective during the 1950’s where every one felt it necessary to ‘keep up appearances.’

But ultimately by cow-towing to that stigma we only enable people to remain spoiled; their egos insisting that
others make all efforts to impress them.

When you begin to see this, anger will set in and you’ll find yourself in the middle of town wearing a Cap N Crunch hat and nothing else all for the sake of rebelling.

Just be you, nature has a way of weeding us towards people who will understand us by encouraging ignorant people to chase us away in their direction. =)

ive read your message but I am not sure that I got it right. how can I change my situation? my mother just wants from me to go outside more often and me, I cant and dont want to… really. I dont want to suffocate outside you see?

I don’t completely understand full-on agoraphobia other than perhaps an individual just simply does not feel secure in the open because …Chaos.

What you mentioned sounded a bit different - anxiety centered on what others think of you or how they view you.
To some degree this a fear for most women - especially younger ones.

You’re afraid that people might regard you as ‘crazy.’

I’m on the complete other spectrum of this - you can find me at 10am each morning out in front of a local shopping center slopping down a liter-sized beer wearing the same track pants, finger-less mitts and worn jacket that I’ve slept in for the past four days without showering.

I am extremely laid back with my social presentation because I’ve been ripped off, cheated and lied too so much throughout my life that I don’t believe there are very many, going back and forth outside my door, who are worth making a fuss to impress.

I know that might sound arrogant but trust me when I say that I have earned my smug resignation.

Advice for overcoming your fear?

Just trust me when I say you haven’t got anyone to impress.
You most likely have more couth, wisdom and intellectual prowess
in your left nostril then they will achieve throughout their whole lifetime.

Go check out this movie

Life-changing, profound, illuminating
it’ll give you a bird’s eye perspective of what you’re
seeking affirmation from.

yeah… it sounds like agoraphobia or social anxiety disorder. or panic disorder… i used to have that but the meds got rid of it… do u perhaps drink too much coffee or maybe mix ur meds with substances? its just high levels of dopamine in ur brain…