Am i developing schizophrenia?

I was put on Geodon about a week, took it twice and got bad chest pains, and severe side effects from it. A friend of mine died last Tuesday and to put it in perspective my OCD started going haywire, I started having magical thinking and similar stuff to do. Last Wednesday (the last dose of the Geodon I took was on Tuesday night) I decided to drink a beer and i stayed up all night. since that one day I have felt horrible. I’m diagnosed with OCD and Bipolar but i feel like my brain is at low function right now. I’m having a hard time thinking at all, and my anxiety is off the roof. I’ve also been getting some weird psychotic issues. Yesterday I had a massive panic attack or psychotic episode because I was worried I was going crazy and developing schizophrenia and I literally couldn’t distinguish the thoughts and noises that I have in my brain as being real or not ( usually their ocd related) but like I’m pretty sure I experienced a psychotic episode or a bipolar episode because i had like all this pressure build up in my head and when that episode happened I ran up and just curled up in a ball and started crying. Then after that happened yesterday when I was trying to think about things its like my thoughts kept getting interrupted like hypnagogic hallucinations when your falling asleep… Today I feel a little better but like I’m still super worried and getting panic attacks and just having some of the weird psychotic issues and ■■■■. I was at the gym running earlier and I had a kid look at me and I started worrying if their talking about me and thinking they were and I had to tell myself they weren’t talking about me but I didn’t believe myself and then when I left the gym I started worrying about why I got the thought and worrying I developing schizo. I’m so scared that I’m gonna go crazy because of howstressed I am and like my life will be ruined. This symptom isn’t new to me but like I also always have a bunch of random words thst rhyme just repeating in my head subconsciously and it just loops over and over when I get intrusive thoughts about stuff. The reason I think something is going on is cause I just have hard time thinking anymore its like my brain is not functioning at all.

Anyways I need help guys what should I do? Go to a hospital?

Only a medical professional can give such a diagnosis. Do you see a psychiatrist by any chance? Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time.


If Geodon is giving you chest pains, you absolutely need to call your doctor right away! They can tell you if you should stop taking it, take a lower dose, or go to the hospital immediately. Geodon can cause cardiac side effects. They’re rare, but serious.

On a less serious note, we can’t diagnose you here. But everything you’re experiencing could be due to your bipolar disorder. There are very few differences between Bipolar with psychotic features and schizoaffective disorder. Most of the treatment plans are the same. When you’re talking to your doctor, it might be a good idea to ask for their next available emergency appointment. Then, you can get a professional opinion on everything.

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