Am I crazy or...?

I think I’m beginning to lose my comprehension of things I’m reading. I may be going off the deep end or I may have just had too much coffee tonight because I didn’t expect it to be this strong. And it’s not just tonight that it’s been happening. Today I saw a movie and I had a hard time understanding somethings the main character was saying. And generally when I read things on this forum it’s difficult to read. I think it’s just two ideas coming together and clashing in my mind. I will get this figured out, don’t you worry about me. I’ll just take a breather and try to figure out what these ideas are. Wish me luck everybody.

Has something been weighing on your mind?

Personally I cannot think and read/listen at the same time. My focus gets entirely dedicated to one or the other, but can’t be divided between both at the same time. If something is weighing on my mind, and my mind feels it is urgent, I will have a hard time focusing on things like reading or listening to other people. I’d best take some time to listen to music and just think.

Not sure if you are similar, or if it something else entirely.

That sounds entirely like me. My problem is trying to identify just what that thing is that’s been weighing on my mind. I swear if I never smoked I wouldn’t have this issue. Thanks for the insight.

You mean weed? Are you blaming yourself for your symptoms or something? Is that what’s weighing on your mind, hehe?

But seriously, though, you shouldn’t regret such things. Nobody gets to predict that they will have mental health vulnerabilities. When millions of people smoke and have no problems, it’s not your fault when you try to enjoy the same and it sucks. If you were going to have issues, then you were going to have issues. Feelings of regret just mean we needed to change, and so we do, and then it’s settled. That’s just life.


Wise words @Turnip.

I think what was weighing on my mind was not such a bad thing. In fact it was a good feeling that was just breaking my concentration. And what it was, was the idea that something from my past worked as a solution and to be specific about it, it’s my decision to look for alternatives to being evil. Like being nice. This all got wrapped up into being bottled up as one emotion and was at the front of my brain making me lose focus. On the other hand, how it relates to my evil side was causing me headaches. I am no neurologist but the more I think about it the more it triggers a headache and then the more I can think of alternatives to being evil, locking away my darkside forever. You guys probably don’t know it but you’ve helped me improve my self image just now, thank you.

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You’re not crazy at all, you sound very grounded, all the time.

Sometimes I have a hard time focusing too, and need to read things over and over to understand them, I think it kinda comes with the territory.

Good luck Apathy!


I need to lay off the coffee lol :coffee:

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Are you on any fairly new medications?

No it’s all the same.

I get that sometimes too. It goes away in time.