Am i condamned at endless suffering because of my illness?

how do you see it people? how is it for you? my last pdoc told to my mom that ill suffer forever… wow… is it possible? yes, I am a bit afraid for my future even though that I avoid to think of it… I can hardly breathe sometimes when I am alone, my life is sooo boring… is it possible to stay forever in depression? maybe you think that I am lazy and that I dont struggle but sometimes its too much… sometimes I am too paranoid to go outside to freshen my head. sometimes, I just have some strange symptoms, they are too strange, I feel strange, I think too much probably… plus, too much introverted so I cant breathe…
take care people, answer what you want here.
love u all :slight_smile:

Watching shutter island and I’m mindblown

yeah, I remember how di caprio was repeating the same scenario forever and ever… I ll try ti avoid the suffering but sometimes I am too strange…maybe because I am alone by myself…

Being alone is the hard part. If you can, try breaking the isolation. That is your no 1 priority. When you break isolation, every thing else will just come one by one for you to handle. Breaking isolation is attending a support group, go to the library, go to the store, take a walk in the park etc. As long as there are other people around. You don’t have to interact in the beginning, interact when you feel comfortable among other people. It’s the next step. This made me come out of my depression.

And not to forget, exercise! Swimming is perfect exercise. Or walking if you prefer not to be in water.
I wish you could find courage to break your isolation.

ok thanks to all. the evenings are tough cause I think too much. I think in a speed way, it doesn’t calm down and its the time where I dont see hope. in these moments, I always believe that my state wont never change. in the day, I am less hypocndriac I find :). the courage to face the others is not still here but maybe my meds will work a little bit on that too. ive upped my dosage since 4 days…
keep going you all, a lot of kisses :slight_smile: