Am I being paranoid?

My grandmother is not my biological grandmother. She married my grandfather before I was born. She has Alzheimer’s and I live with her. My cousin and I take care of her. My entire life she never wanted anything to do with her biological family. I’m 44 years old.

In the 17 years I lived here I’ve only seen her biological niece twice. My grandmother had a will written before she got sick 2 years ago. She’s leaving everything (entire estate) to my mom aunt and I.

Her niece showed up one day and dragged her to a lawyer. My grandmother is mad that her niece isn’t getting anything. My mom and aunt have dual power of attorney.

My grandmother turned against me. She was listening in on my phone calls with her niece. I’m wondering if the phone calls were recorded. One call in particular I told my aunt I had $10,000 saved. I also told her I wasn’t paying rent and I was worried the human services would find out.

My grandmother is going around telling people I don’t pay rent. Which isn’t totally true. I paid up until covid hit in March. I gave her the money and she wanted to go to the casino so I took her. She’s 80 years old and I didn’t want to deny her having fun. I just wanted to make her happy.

After she quit going to the casino I quit giving her money in September. She was hiding money and I couldn’t find it so I quit giving it to her.

I’m worried her niece record the call with my aunt and is going to try and get me in trouble. I said a lot of stuff in that phone call. Not everything that would have been recorded is true. I was lying to my aunt about having $10k because I wanted her to think I would walk out of here. I wanted her to do something about my grandmothers niece.

Am I being paranoid?

Her niece is evil and vindictive. I don’t put anything past her. My aunt got my grandmothers other niece in trouble. Now I think she’s trying to do the same to me.

Can recorded phone calls be used against me?

I have a letter from my grandmothers doctor written a month ago saying she’s in capable of making her own decisions.

Her niece is coming tomorrow and I’m worried she gonna take her to human services to tell them I don’t pay rent.

nobody recorded the call bro…your worry I don’t think is going to happen…at least I hope not !!

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After seeing what I wrote and stepping back to see it I think I’m being paranoid. My grandmother with her illness wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. Anything to do with my grandmothers niece makes my illness worse. I’m coming off a bad benzodiazepine addiction. I’ve been off the stuff for 3 weeks and I’m still getting horrible anxiety.

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