Am I being delusional?

I fear I’m going to be killed

Yes … Gubumimhojk jmlm

You could be overly worried

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Yes, that’s a persistent delusion.

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How to get rid of it?

Take your meds always. Then when paranoia starts up again report it to the staff and your pdoc. Ask for a prn you can take when symptoms break through like that

What kind of prn?

A medicine you take when you’re having breakthrough positive symptoms such as paranoia. You take it then and it’s supposed to help you feel better

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Aren’t APs supposed to be taken regularly?

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Yes. You take your AP regularly. But you can get an extra med to taken when you’re feeling paranoid.

I see. What if I need a med change

You might. I don’t know. But you should tell the staff at your group home you’re feeling paranoid again

I’m scared they’ll admit me to a ward again

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If you tell them before it’s a crisis you won’t have to go. Tell them now so you don’t get to that point

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Ok I will tell them

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Good job! 15151515

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