Am I being a Karen?

I live in a hotel, and some noise is to be expected.
But the guy in the room above mine gets out of bed with a loud bang several times an hour from 10am-11pm, and stomps around like he’s angrily pacing in circles.

So today, I asked the receptionist if they could maybe have a talk with him and ask him to keep it down.
It’s such a karen thing to do though - complaining that a restless person is moving around.

What do you think? Am I out of line?


The whole “Karen” stuff is BS.
If its regular noise that is loud and disturbing you I don’t see why complaining is bad.

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I would ask for another room first, and if none is available, have them call your neighbor to keep it down. You paid for a quiet room. IMO.

I definitely think there is a “Karen” way of approaching the problem and I don’t think you met that condition in how you handled the problem.


Why do you live in a hotel rn?

Because my new job came with a month at a hotel


Cool!! Do you get free meals as well? Are you still in Greece?

You must be really proficient at something, last I heard you moved to Greece to start a new job, now another job? Wish I was doing the same

Free breakfast, yeah :slight_smile:
And unlimited coffee and beverages at the office

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Wow cool beans :+1:t3: So are you making the good money as well?

Nah, same as the previous job. But I’m doing some freelancing on the side


I’ve been watching plenty of Karen videos and you’ve not quite there yet. You still have some way to go before you become an entitled white woman.


Ya Karen’s are crazy screaming eye popping people

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I don’t think so. You have a right to be comfortable in your living space, and buddy upstairs is interfering with that. You’re well within your rights to make a complaint

Let’s not call it that. We have so eone named Karen on the board who mentioned this meme is hurtful


Ah, I didn’t think of that. I’ll keep that in mind

Its ok, easy to forget.

I think people who are concerned with their impact on others do not qualify as entitled. You do seem to be bothered by the sounds of your neighbors more often than other people, but who is to say whether that’s just because you tend to have louder than average neighbors.

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Tbh I’m sensitive to sounds, especially sudden irregular noises like barking and thumping.


If you didn’t make unreasonable demands OR ask to see the manager then I don’t think you did a Karen thing.

Seems like a reasonable request.

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Yeah, and that is a totally understandable sensitivity. Do noise canceling headphones help at all or no?