Am I addicted to alcohol?

I drink one can every other day. The last few times I’ve drank a six pack of cans. That second day going without drinking is tough.

Maybe, maybe not.

Try the quiz at

There’s other “am i an alchoholic” tests on google.

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hey at least you dont ake antisycotic.alchol is not bad in moderation.

I take a couple Aps.

Talk to your doctor about it.

Mine always asks me about my alcohol and cannabis use.

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why is it so hard for me to take antisycotic .and yet i hear people here taking 3 4 brain is not so strong.weak brain.ah well

What do you mean it’s hard for you to take?

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its helping but its giving me sideffects.

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lots of blinkinking and not much improvements.

Have you ever felt you needed to Cut down on your drinking? No. Yes. ?
Have people Annoyed you by criticizing your drinking? No. Yes. ?
Have you ever felt Guilty about drinking? No. Yes.?
Have you ever felt you needed a drink first thing in the morning (Eye-opener) to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover?

I’m addicted to alcohol. It’s a progressive thing.

I think if you wake up and your thinking about alcohol as the first thing in your day even if your just thinking about drinking later then it’s a problem. Some people have big problems with it whilst others seem do do ok with it. It does affect medications.


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