Am I a perfectionist?

I keep wanting to harm or punish myself when I make a mistake or when I don’t succeed.

Why do I feel this way? And how do I stop feeling like this?

Yea I get this too, with binge eating. It is a common thing.

I don’t know how to stop it…

I am currently trying the all or nothing approach by going on complete alternate day fasting.

In compensation for binge eating. My form of self harm.

If you make a mistake just understand that learning from it is the logical way forward, and that self harm is not healthy.

I just had my essay edited 3 times today. I can’t do anything right.

People can do their stuff so well but I keep getting my ■■■■ edited!
I hate this so much that I just keep failing. I am a ■■■■■■■ failure.

there’s a great woman on Facebook that I follow

she makes videos about Your Inner Critic

and how to live with or without it.
I don’t think she’s ever said perfectionist though.

hope you don’t mean serious harm.
for me it’s more like discipline.

Well you are really good at venting, but seriously I’m sure you’re good at other things too lol.

I like your music that you post. For starters.

You know whenever I feel like a failure I turn to serious types of clean eating. It makes me feel better physically and emotionally. And I love that. Well… I like it at least!!! :green_heart: I’m trying to make it a life habit.

Don’t worry about the editing too much, nothing wrong with space for improvement.

Keep on keeping on and don’t give up,

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