Am I a parasite to society?

I can’t work, I just suck people’s tax money with my disability and my mother controls it, I have no access to it.

Definition of a parasite:
something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return

My brother says I am a parasite to society.


My brother is right.

You can’t help your illness if you could you would heal schizophrenia and work again but its out of your control


I am sorry but your family should never say that about you.
In my eyes that doesn’t make you a parasite. Some people just need a little extra help.


By that definition, retirees are parasites too. I collect disability now but I worked until I was 40 or 41. I started working at 16 so I paid into that fund for 20 some odd years.


Yeah, you can’t help your disabled. It’s not your fault. Thats what the money is there for.

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My other brother is neutral to me. But the other one keeps calling me a junky, a bum, useless, a parasite etc My parents and other brother don’t do anything.

I start to like a theory how everyone should born as you in the next life to have an exact copy of your own current life. I would like everyone to know me and learn.


I know it can be hard and that people can get inside your head but try your hardest to not let him make you feel bad about yourself.
I have someone in my life that is verbally/emotionally abusive also and it can be very damaging to our minds and we are already suffering enough.
Keep your head up.


Thank you! 1515

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Hell, you’re not causing any trouble like half the population out there.
And disability is set up for reason.
It’s for people who are disabled and can’t work. There’s thousands, maybe even millions of people in the same boat as you. So for those reasons you aren’t a parasite.

The problem isn’t being a parasite. That’s just a matter of opinion. Parasite is just an insult, and not apt to call people who can’t work. The problem, unfortunately, is your family and their attitude. They seem to be very intolerant. It’s unfortunate, but people on disability aren’t parasites.

Do I think you could do more than you’re doing? Yes, I do. I think if maybe you tried harder you could do a little more. But I have no idea what that would entail. Off the top of my head I think you could take walks. And with some help and encouragement maybe you could do more. But I think you’re situation is that you were just unlucky to have the family that you do. They have their good qualities of course but they are intolerant and ignorant. NOT stupid but they are just uninformed about mental illness.

You probably love them and they probably love you in their own way.
But they seem uninterested in helping you or understanding you. It’s too bad, it helps to have a supportive family.


Your brother seems like a very proud individual…maybe stay away from him if you can…he is just going to hurt your feelings it seems.

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He strangled me and I lost consciousness when I was young. He’s too self-confident and a trouble maker.

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At least he doesn’t control my parent’s money which I will inherit.

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that is crazy…I would just stay away from him if possible.

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They are saying this because you are doing nothing to improve your situation. They know you have schizo but you can still do something to improve a bit like for example stop vaping, doing workout a bit, going for a walk daily etc.

Consider their talks in positive way and not negative. They want you to improve thats why they are saying this. When a teacher scolds a student its for their improvement consider like that.

I don’t think the disabled, the retired, the unemployed are parasites. If there were no benefits there would be a lot more crime. It’s society’s role to take care of its most vulnerable members. If you feel bad about not giving back you could try doing more in your parents household or volunteer on occasion.

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If you’re genuinely in need you’re not a parasite.

However, if you’re able to you should do what you can to give back if appropriate - even if it’s volunteering once a week

Gets you out the house

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Society is itself a parasite feeding on each other… For own survival…

If society were alone all would have lost there mind…

But we have bigger role in the picture to play…
As humans we all are integrated just some flaws here and there, in evolution…

So it does not mean I am a parasite…

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You absolutely are not a parasite. It isn’t your fault you have sz. It is a nasty illness to have and one that is bloody hard to work with. I’m sure if people were asked if they mind their tax money going to help someone with a chronic condition like sz, I’m positive most would support it.

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