Am I a high functioning person with an Intellectual disability?

I have a tested IQ of 69 which is a mild Intellectual disability. I receive a large input of care from ID services and have done for 10 years. A psychologist did a capacity assessment recently regarding my finances and its deemed I lack capacity with finances, she also wrote she thinks I definitely have a intellectual disability.

I noticed I’m (I think?) the only person on here with a Intellectual disability as well as schizoaffective disorder? I question I have a ID. I feel like a fake. My community nurse says its impossible to fake an ID as when the psychologist with lots of experience first did the IQ test they look all through my schooling and reports and I went to a special school and was statemented with special educational needs. There was only 4 kids in my class all during secondary school. But I feel like a fake as there are no other people like me on here.

Depends on the definition of high functioning, for me its being independant, working full time, managing own finances etc I can’t do those. Sometimes I feel disabled socially but I did good in school and university, I got my degree eventhough my pdoc told me to stop going to university as its too much for me. I wasn’t diagnosed with ID but I have a hard time with sz negative symptoms. Don’t worry about labels.

I think intelligence isn’t only about IQ tests.

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Apart from the Wechsler III IQ test which is used by psychologists all online IQ tests are junk.

I score 69 IQ. If I had gotten 73 IQ I would be in generic mental health services and these are really rubbish and I would be left without much support. Because I’m under intellectual disability services I get quite a lot of support which enables me to maintain a high function level and I get funding for the group home I live in.

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I agree with this.

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You write well for someone with an IQ of 69. You’re IQ is probably much higher than that. But whatever your IQ is it is not the final determiner of your fate. I’ve seen people with very high IQ’s who were totally dysfunctional, and I bet a lot of people with low IQ’s succeed in life. Remember the movie Forest Gump. I sometimes think that a schizophrenic’s IQ can vary over time. I wouldn’t worry too much about your IQ.


I agree with @crimby . You seem a lot smarter than your stated IQ


Rereading this, yea I think you’re a high functioning person with ID. Yes you write well.


Psychologists are ■■■■■■■ stupid and a waste of space

My house plant has more brain cells than those people

They can kiss my ass


I’ve had good therapists and bad. You sometimes have to shop around to find the best one for you

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The state chooses, not you. The choice will cost about £200 a session otherwise.

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Haha - I tend to dis-agree. I learnt quite alot from them when in was in a Theraputic Community.

Its using a bit of psychology on myself - i can usually reason away my symptoms and deal with them better.

I get your sentiment tho.


You can’t really tell from how someone writes how high or low their IQ is. Your 69 IQ score could be correct. I’d trust the test over random non-professionals on the internet with no real-life knowledge of you. And telling you not to trust a thorough assessment to boost your self-esteem is very bad advice, so please don’t listen to it.

You could be high-functioning though. I could see that.


The vast majority are indeed junk.Not all are though. I’ve done quite a few ‘high range’ IQ tests. They tend to be ‘send to’ untimed tests and are aimed at those who are >120 IQ. The usual requirements are age/nationality/proof of ID/previous scores/fee for scoring of the test.

Unlike the numerous other ‘pay to get a result’ tests online you don’t automatically get told you did fantastically well. The ones I’ve done give a score very close to my pre teen score .

My pre teen score =147. Result of tests created by an educational consultant and psychometrician who creates high range tests.

All Grove 2 partial

Those taking ‘high range’ IQ tests include those who are medical consultants and professors.One of those vying for the top spot-

Oh, ok. It’s different in the US.

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