Always wanting to drink (or having the thought of)

I guess drinking is one of my own escape
(In a mind altering manner)

I’d say everyday i have like a hour of thinking of drinking throughout it,
(Just a thought that renters my head for some reason, I’m not a alcoholic per say)

Went with the thinking and bought some drinks.
Idk maybe I’m just depressed that I’m drinking often and of no occasion.

What is your situation with alcohol?

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Hi chris my man …!!! Alchohol is never good…
U can drink redbull instead…i like redbull…!!!


I’m an alcoholic. 3 years sober. I had to go to A.A. to get help quitting as I couldn’t do it on my own.


Been clean and sober since 1990. Alcohol is a depressant by the way.

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34 days clean from drinking. The zoloft+naltrexone combination really controls my cravings.


I grew up with an ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder, the “H” could also stand for “He’ll” because what the hyperactive part feels like to us who have to live with them.) Alcohol/Drug addicted brother, and now my husband gets stressed out, drinks like a fish,and becomes an ■■■■■■■ too.

I only drank for about a year, and it caused too many problems for me- severe depression followed.

Alcohol in moderation is ok, although I don’t drink, but I wish it wasn’t so easily available.

Abilify in large doses made me drink way too much. I would drink 1 bottle of rum every 2 days. Now Abilify is wearing off I no longer crave alcohol. Plus my liver was hurting but I thought who cares at the time. Now I have my will power back I can much easier say no to alcohol.

Alcohol can kill you.


Yeah I was so depressed for a while, I didn’t even care about the god awful health aspects of alcohol. I can’t compare it to anything else really because I didn’t smoke as long as I drank. But alcohol just seems sooooo bad for you. Spiritually mentally and emotionally and physically. It can kill you and it will. Most people I meet who say “but I like drinking” meanwhile get drunk 3-4 times a week are in denial… there’s nothing I like about drinking. I can see one liking it more than I do but still, if you’re an alcoholic for ten years+ and you don’t think you should stop you’re in denial. My friend wants to cut down and not stop, but he can’t cut down. He drinks more than when he wasn’t trying to cut down!!! But he "likes drinking " so it’s ok. Nah it’s not ok to die at 50.

He claims his great grandfather died at 50 from alcoholism, and with modern advancements in health it means he will die at 70??? But modern advancements will not add 20 years to the life of someone putting lethal damage to most their vital organs, and it will lower your quality of life in the process. My friend doesn’t get it, that alcoholism will still kill u at 50. And make it a slow miserable death in the process. He thinks technology will save him from the mid 20th century alcoholic fate but it won’t. U gotta stop. I’m an alcoholic too and it was one of the worst things that ever happened to me. Quitting it could end up being the best thing that happened to me though, so there is a silver lining to it all!!! There’s something nice about being an alcoholic who doesn’t drink anymore. It’s a great accomplishment and you can see clearly again through a lense of altered experiences and challenges you had to face. There’s some insight to be gained from being a sober alcoholic.

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