Always waiting to be technologically complete. It's also my birthday in 20 minutes. I'll be 29

After I dropped my moto x, I swore the replacement will almost be my last phone for a long time. Looking to either get a LG g4, a Droid turbo, or a note 4

On a different note, Gonna learn how to use WordPress more.



The day i was born was the worst day of my life, not something to celebrate in my opinion.

I hate birthdays. The day i was thrown into this was a very bad day.

happy happy birthday crsaen.

have fun with your tech stuff.


happy bday crsaen…
may all ur wishes come true…
by the way i am also 29…
take care… :coffee:

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Happy birthday man. I plan on keeping my current phone for a long time. Just got a case and screen protector on it after dropping it and cracking the screen and getting it fixed. It should be good to go for a long time now.

Happy birthday! Keep holding on to those 20’s.

Happy birthday @crsaen :smiley:

Happy Birthday @crsaen - Hope that you have a good one

happy birthday :birthday: :gift:

happy birthday :cake:
take care :alien:

**Happy Birthday to yooouuuu! :crown: **

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday. Ah, When I was 29 I had just gotten clean. With the vacuum that getting clean left in my life, I got a job and went back to school. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors, you’re still very young.

When you said “technologically complete”, I interpreted it as physical completion. Wouldn’t that be nice, just to feel & be “physically complete”?