Always ill


I think that I obsess over my illness. How do I break the cycle? Why does it occur this way. I am so sick of fighting. How can I behave like I should. Who am I, even?


I feel same sometimes but lately made improvements
Positive affirmations


Mostly it’s a case of getting caught up in life and that’s the distraction sometimes. From a few comments you made awhile ago I thought you might benefit for doing more for yourself. I hope you don’t take that the wrong way. It’s just that you’re so much more then just a mum and a wife. So probably start with the basics…

Self-esteem and self-assertiveness courses are a good place to start. Are some symptom management and medication management courses that I found very helpful and recommend them also. Wrap ( wellness action recovery plan) course are also very popular. You will mostly likely get most to all of those courses at something like Nami and possibly for free. I’m not in the US so no idea. But the courses I did where based on US programs.


I understand where you are coming from, but, I am not ready to do things for me. I panic when I am away from my children. I enjoy being a mom and wife. It is the job I chose! None of it was thrust upon me. While the other kids wanted to be doctors and lawyers, I wanted to be a housewife.



I over-think my illness sometimes too. It’s easy to get caught up in analyzing every aspect of it. I guess I’m hoping to stumble upon some grand revelation that’ll unravel it all. In the end it just drains me. I try to avoid dwelling on it these days and just go with the flow.


You need to find something that is bigger than this illness,

Something that will take your attention off of it,

Something that is so big that anything that happens to you doesnt matter.

Hope this helps x


New puppies help!


I’ve been in weeks worth of Psychosis not knowing what is real. I went to the va for two days and started talking about training and war trauma and I was branded not a veteran but as a:

(delusional person)

I wanted to tell the doctor to get the hell out of my room. I left after the experience. No one believes my story and could care less about what I need to help myself and others. I’m having a hard time talking to people, and they’re really just wearing me out with the same old things I can’t fix instead of helping collaborate and find a way that works and lets me have my freedom.

I’m trying and I haven’t drank today.

Just for today I did a 45 minute stretching and breathing session

I’m not giving up. I’m a warrior deep down and very resilient. I will not just shrivel up and I can’t give the voices an inch no matter who they are.



(that’s for my voices watching me, maybe the NSA too lol)



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That’s a good place to be. And those are not the words of someone ‘ill…’
So maybe you could use that to combat this?

What I find (and have seen in some others) is if you think yourself ill you will be ill. The power of words and thought are immense!

It’s like the thing with AA…where they call alcoholism a disease and want you to say you are an alcoholic even years after you took your last drink. It’s a mind game: the power of thought being continually driven into you that you are sick and you are always an alcoholic. Simply not true.

It’s not that there are no symptoms, but these can be worked through and worked with more than people think. But to believe ones self perpetually ill or sick or having a disease is not a good place to be.
I am well and i will do ok. that doesn’t mean there won’t be occasional pitfalls, but when one falls they need to simply get back up and carry on. Don’t stay down. Too many people stay down.

if someone is going to be ‘sick’ then they should only be sick of being sick.


If there is anything I really want to “like” today, it’s your post. I know I need to just go about my business. I can do this!


Keep up the fire!


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