"Always gives you signs"

The Universe ‘always’ gives you signs they said…

Sure what a great sign it gives saying, “Be quiet, stay down and die.”


What an awful song.

“Tell me what is the purpose of an Angel? Is it not an indication that our world ‘needs saving’? That people are so bad off that they need something to provide them comfort against this place? What an awful thing… No one wants pity. They want relief. You want to bring me relief through death? Isn’t that the ultimate pity? … No thanks.”

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Didn’t agree with how this game started consider she was killing so many people.

But her aim was in the right, in my opinion.

“Let them figure it out for themselves.”

Using the power of song to lull sheep to sleep seems such a terrible thing. An admittance that without it they are violent and aimless.

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“People only want you to be happy so they can be happy relative to your unhappiness.”

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People have choices in life. Even people with mental illnesses can choose to be happy or not to be. We all have the power to “attempt” to make someone happy or unhappy but is inevitably his or her choice. Example @anon92220549 thought I was in a cat fight, tbh I wasn’t on my end. If claws come out with me, I get volatile. I was annoyed, that’s the extent. My laundry has not suffered wrinkling due to posting :wink:

As far as angels go, I don’t believe in mythology of any sort, it’d be ■■■■■■ up ■■■■ if I did

Yet people ‘want’ to be happy based on some circumstance.

Something Socrates said that I think reveals just what that is.

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They draw near to bring you comfort and love.

But personally I don’t trust them either.

Oh, my the world revolves around “everyone playing the victim”. Who has it worse…sigh

So if a person dies to cancer and never got a chance to live, they just ‘played the victim’?

I could go on with a lot more but then this whole thing would become depressing.

Perhaps I should write ‘The Book of Darkness’ so that people who have the heart might look where others don’t dare.

No I generalized everyone but how many people do you know that scorecard, they are worse off etc. not walking a day in another’s shoes

I disagree. I think it takes balls to be content in ones own skin having known suffering and doesn’t wear it like a badge of armor but holds it close to his or her heart. Silent victories

To each his own.

I find more comfort this way.

Being led otherwise leads to constant disappointment.

If you allow it.


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“Rejection is protection.”

Right. I guess so. Who would want help from those a-holes who pass up her anyway right?

Hope is like danging food over someone who neither can reach for the food nor ingest it.

Or is it like walking on a treadmill that you can’t get off of?

“Oh no - you’re so negative.”
“Then why are you trying to look away?”

“You’re a toxic person.”
“Are you an antidote then? Care to apply some of that special goodness you got?”

“Success is built on the backs of the ones underneath the successful.”

“Money never made anyone happy. Just ask the dead.”