Always feeling weird?

Does anyone else not have a great ability to relax? I always have a weird feeling. Like a nervous feeling. It’s like I want to do things but then my brain just says, don’t do it. You’ll be bored. The only time I really relax is when I lay in bed and sleep.


Yes. (I mean I do have an inability to relax.)

No, or at least very rarely.

The only time I can recall ever relaxing is an occasion where I took the highest recommended dose of a couple of cough medicines, based on dextromethorphan and codeine. It must have been a mild to moderate opioid high. I had no discomfort of any kind, whether mentally or physically. I’d say it was more of a “normal” state than a euphoric “rush”. I was unable to repeat the experience later.


I really don’t want to take cough syrup to feel normal. It’s just frustrating always feeling off. I can never just have a normal day

Yes, i feel exatly the same, i think its from the meds

What meds are you on? I’m on invega.

Restlessness is a side effect of Abilify which I’m on. So I find it difficult to relax too.

Isnt it so frustrating? I was just sitting in a nice warm basement with a wood stove and watching football. And I felt bored and nervous

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It’s frustrating for sure.

Some supplements help me and when I get tired at night, I can relax for a few hours before bed.

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