Always believe people are good

I love the positive approach.
Always assume people are good.
It cures paranoia! :yum:
Unless people show otherwise assume that they are positive and kind.
Even if they do something bad perhaps it is triggered by something, like stress or anxiety or
intrusive thoughts.
If people do something bad, try to show them why they are wrong and try to help them improve.


People usually have a mixture of traits, the whole gamut. Some people are inherently bad, other people think they are inherently good. But its not that simple. You catch someone having a bad day and they will go for the throat if you cross them. You catch a mean biker guy or girl who’s having a good day and they are likely to be friendly and likable.
It’s not a black & white thing. People usually don’t fit into neat little boxes of pure good and pure bad.

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Someone who is aggressive is very bad, aggression is a big problem and it
is not to be tolerated.
It is of supreme importance for all to avoid getting into physical confrontations,
and I think people have to restrain themselves even when crossed.
I know that there is a problem with things getting out of hand, esp in the US where the crime rate is very high.

Wars and physical altercations are usually not won by passive people.

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I think that the punishment for physical altercations should be very severe,
for example if you beat someone up you should get death.
That will teach people to behave or at least get rid of those who don’t.
It is supremely important for decent people to be protected and comfortable.

What if its self-defense?

Self defense is all right, although it depends on the case.
If someone draws a knife to stab you or you suspect so then of course you are free to hit him first.
I personally believe that violent and financial crimes are the worst.

in my personal experience assuming positivity on others just buries paranoia, and sets up for failure in other ways too. it made me build trust in people that in the end failed me.

i like to think people are capable of both good and evil though. so a positive attitude couldn’t hurt.

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Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were all supremely evil, and they ran states. They had many supporters who were also evil. People are neither good or bad, but they are capable of some really rotten stuff.

This is really a great way to live your life. Personally, I have always thought that everybody was good, nice and we’ll intentioned. I NEVER thought anything bad about others. Maybe I’m naive. But for me it’s the complete opposite. In my mind the others were always the right one, and I was the bad one. It’s as if I’m having paranoia but against me. Maybe it’s just low self esteem.

I have to do the same as you but with me instead of with others

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