Alto saxophone is out of the case!

I’m signed up to perform at a Big 10 football game this Saturday, it’s Homecoming and I’m performing in the alumni marching band.
We perform on the field, at the game, play the fight song and lead cheers in the stadium.

This requires a lot of beer drinking which I won’t admit to or promote on the forum - lol

What instrument do you play?


Wow, that’s a pretty big deal that you’re able to cope with all that. I hope you have fun.

I just play the ‘MP3’ instrument! :smile:


72,000 people in the stadium, games are on ESPN or the Big Ten Network. I didn’t go last year, but defiantly ready to go back this year! Woo hoo!


Woa. That’s an even huge-er deal! That’s incredible.

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Have you brushed up on “In Heaven There Is No Beer”?

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I play drums, guitar, and a bit of piano.

Got the music downloaded! :wink:

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Sending his regards :mega:

Wow! That’s incredible! I had breakfast at the Hamburg last week. :smile:
Is it illegal to meet in person?

I’m definitely too shy for it, I have trouble meeting my own family sometimes :joy_cat:

I hope you have a good time Saturday, though. (did you sit in the presidential booth?)

No, not this time, sat in the booth at the top of the stairs. My daughter is in the marching band too, she just turned 21, heard all about beer band from her over a avocado omelet. Yummy stuff there.

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@Rhubot. We have to checkin for practice tomorrow by 6:30am, unbelievable. It’s an early game , I don’t do the Homecoming parade Friday night if I have to turn around and be back in formation by 6:30 am. Watch for me :wink:

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I’ll have my eyes on the saxophones!

I hope this gloom clears up by then. I can’t figure out where this weather system is coming from - it swept up out of the east! Very weird.

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It’s even on Wikipedia - lol

The rule is though that it can only be played if the team wins!

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I know, I was thinking that you didn’t get a chance to play it.

Did you come through the storms last night okay?

The alumni band played it before the game… we jinxed it and they lost. A wives tale a lot of us tell - lol

I was on the Jumbotron during our performance, wish I could post that here on the forum! My daughter was on it twice, she’s pretty.

Schools started late in Bettendorf due to storm damage, nothing here where I am. How about you?

I was fine. My family was right in the path (between Trinity and Paul Norton). Tree limbs down but no damage to the house or cars. A lot of cleanup, it sounds like.